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As Your CPA Licensed by The State Of Florida.
 We are Appointed Trustee Registered Agents For The Recovery Of Cash Assets.
We Process All The Documents Necessary To Get Your Cash Back Into Your Pockets.

A vault of proven experience for over 25 years.  Hours 9am-fpm.
If you need assistance, you can call us at 800-604-2580 
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*If You Received a Letter From Us, Research is Complimentary and the initial research fee is waived. 
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License Number: #AC32497
Federal Tax ID: 20-3117140
Hours Monday-Friday: 9AM - 5PM

Wills & Trusts

Often times Estates have remainder cash or property balances.  We find the rightful beneficiaries of the decedent's unclaimed funds. We work with beneficiaries and Trustees as well as the attorneys.

Cash Assets From Individual's Recovery

Our team works directly with the State of Florida and direct sources of such assets to help recover accounts being held dormant or unclaimed. 

Research For the Unknown

When you submit your information our team will perform a through research for unclaimed funds for you or other interested business or individuals. We charge a nominal research fee of $35 for the initial documented research.

Getting Started

Did you receive a letter from us? You can't beat the service and attention to detail you will receive from our office. Our office handles the recovery of your refund from start to finish.  

We eliminate the red tape associated with government bureaucracy. We are experienced and trained to recover your refund faster than ever. We are committed to providing you with the best customer service while ensuring your claim will be completed correctly and in a timely manner.

How Do I Know This Is Not A Scam?

There are many scams that people are propositioned with every day. We want you to feel totally secure and aware of our company before you send anything back to our office for validation. You can verify our firm with the State of Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation. You can also verify our Firm with at which is the Florida Department of State Division of Corporations. We are also Credentialed with Better Business Bureau of West Florida.
Our services are unusual, but they are legitimate.  Bad things happen to good people.  We are here to help recover those things that were due to a misfortune.  Take the first step and complete the documents you have received.  You absolutely have nothing to lose. 

Yes, Our Services May Appear Unreal

We understand your need to feel secure. You can verify our license through the State of Florida's Department of Professional Regulation. You can also verify our Corporate status at We are also a member of the Better Business Bureau of West Florida.
Tracie Lowe Division of Corporations

Here Are The Steps

  • Signature: Sign the Agreement Page, Check you Mailing Address, Include Contact Info
  • Photo ID: We must validate the correct person.  Include a copy of Current Photo ID
  • Mail: Mail to back to use in the envelope provided

What If Do Not Have A Federally Issued ID?

You may used the Notarized Sworn Statement included in your mailing. If you do not have a valid ID or your ID is expired, you can use a Notarized Sworn Statement. If you are a power of attorney or a legal guardian trying to assist someone in claiming funds, you can use an Affidavit Attesting to Claimants Identity. Call our office and we can provide this document to you.

Español Instrucciones:

Escuche las instrucciones paso a paso:
  • Firma: Firme la página del acuerdo, verifique su dirección postal, incluya información de contacto
  • ​Identificación con foto: Debemos validar a la persona correcta. Incluya una copia de la identificación con foto actual
  • ​Correo: Envíe por correo al dorso para usar en el sobre proporcionado

No tengo una identificación emitida por el gobierno federal?

Puede utilizar la Declaración Jurada Notarizada incluida en su envío. Si no tiene una identificación válida o su identificación está vencida, puede utilizar una Declaración jurada notarizada. Si usted es un poder notarial o un tutor legal que intenta ayudar a alguien a reclamar fondos, puede utilizar una Declaración jurada que acredite la identidad del reclamante. Llame a nuestra oficina y le proporcionaremos este documento.

Timing of Refund Check

Contact us! If we determine you are the correct owner or heir to these funds, you will need to complete and return all requested documentation to us. 

The entire process is can be completed through the mail, but you are welcome to schedule an office visit. 

After we receive your verification documents, we begin our process for obtain other necessary documents.

It normally takes between 45 to 90 days to receive your Certified check from the State of Florida Disbursement Department.

If I do not send you any money, how do you get paid.

That's right, when we contact you with an Agreement you are never required to pay us anything out of pocket. Our fee, which is taken out of the total amount of funds, is paid directly to us from the State of Florida. We work on a contingency fee basis, and we do not get paid until you receive your money. If you do not get paid, we do not get paid.

Can I Text, Fax, or Email My Agreement?

To begin the process for the Claim, you can send the documents by text, fax, or email.  Our office must receive an Original Agreement for final processing.

Do I Need To Appear In Court Or Pay Taxes On The Cash I Receive?

No You do not appear in court. There are no court appearances.
Additionally, there are no taxes to be paid in the amount received. How you spend the funds are totally up to you.

Why Use US As Your Representative?

First of all, we work for your asset recovery tiredly.  As a CPA Group we work around the many laws and regulations that prevent you from recovering your cash assets. 

We are trained and understand what is required to recover your money for you. The claim process can be difficult and time consuming. Our expertise and professional understanding eliminates the red tape of the government processes. 

We know all the requirements, work diligently, and with maximum speed to send you your monies ASAP.

Why Are You Contacting Me?

Our firm works to assist individuals and businesses in the return their property and money. We send correspondence that explains who we are with an included recovery agreement to those people whom we believe may be entitled to money held in the State Trust Account. 

This money can be entrusted to you directly or to you as a beneficiary/heir to an Estate. 

If your letter contained A Limited Power of Attorney Agreement, we have determined that you may have entitlement to the money listed in the documentation.

Are You Sure There Are No Initial or Other Out-Of-Pocket Costs I Will Need To Pay?

Yes, we never ask you to pay us any money from your pocket.

If you are initiating a request directly (without an Agreement) we do require a nominal $35 Administrative Fee to initiate the research on your behalf for individuals, business, or estates.

After determination that you are eligible for fund recovery, as Representatives for the State of Florida, our fee for processing your claim is remitted to us directly from the State of Florida.

Within the Agreement, our fee is disclosed to you. You authorize a deduction from the recovery account balance. The remaining balance is remitted directly to you. 

If we are unsuccessful in recovering your funds, there is no fee from our office. We will never ask you for money or reimbursement for service fees.

Mom Always Said Money Does Not Grow On Trees.

So many times we wished we could just go and pull money from the tree leaves.

Don't let the opportunity pass you by. 

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Our Parents & Grandparents Were Vigilant

Yes, it is possible that money left for inheritors were lost upon death. Sometimes this happens because the policy holder just doesn't know how to contact the beneficiaries.

There can be benefits such as life insurance policies, retirement accounts, death benefits, stocks, and other inheritances passed on that are just waiting for the inheritor to review the States files.

Contact Us So We Can Research It!!

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Want Us To Research You or Others Name
Your imitation fee is just $35 to our Firm

  • If money is held by a Company or Government Entity, the Company must make an effort to return the money to you. Sometimes, the Company is unable to locate you or verify your identity to ensure it is returned to the proper owner. As a Florida Law requirement, your funds are turned over to the government as unclaimed property. 
  • ​These Trust Funds have accrued mostly from matured, abandoned, financial institutions, insurance a policies, deposits held on account, or disbursed securities and trust holdings. 
  • ​Even financial intuitions must turnover safe deposit box assets from abandoned deposit boxes. The value of those contents are returned to the owner of the safe deposit box.
  • A Limited Power of Attorney allows us to represent you for your claim. It only allows us to represent you to the State of Florida regarding the property accounts listed. 
  • ​We can not use the Limited Power of Attorney to represent you in any other matter or legal scenario.

The Certified & Internationally Accredited Certified Public Accountant

  • Tracie Is An Expert Of Experts In The Tax And Accounting Profession....
Tracie graduated from one of the Top 4 Universities in Accountancy from the University of Florida with both a Masters & Bachelors Degree.

After graduation she joined Deloitte, one of the Top Big 4 International Accounting Firms in the World.

After six years of working with Fortune 500 Companies at Deloitte, she was recruited to be the CFO for a branch office of a Global Medical Supply Company that grossed over $400 Million a year in sales.
She is a leader, professional, & a fighter in the finance & business industry.

Using her experience in Corporate America, she is now helping businesses & individuals (recovering lost and unclaimed funds). In totality representing those with Accounting, Business, & Tax Issues.

She now dedicates time for Starting a Revolution In Financial Literacy by establishing The Next 1 Million – A CPA Forum.
We service your account from start to finish.  Once we implement an agreement to recover your funds, you NEVER send us any money.

We are paid directly from the State of Florida for processing all the required documents for your refund, inheritance, or trust recovery balances.

Let's Get Started!!

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Tracie Lowe, CPA & Associates specialize in recovering lost abandoned accounts and other cash property. 

Our goal is to locate, inform, and assist individuals, corporations, and beneficiaries of estates in recovering their cash assets.

Is This Right For You? 
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Here’s What Others Have to Say:


Michelle Jones
This company is a legitimate business, and does their homework. I appreciate their professionalism and kindness with all my questions. Yes, the found money was mine. It was from many years ago. Since we had moved, the address on file was no longer valid. Mrs. Lowe and her team did their research, and I am very happy they found me. Thank you!


Bill K.
After many months of attempting to resolve a unclaimed funds issue with the state of Florida by myself and other companies that supposedly do this, I basically was going to give up until I spoke with Ms. Lowe. It did not look good at first but she attempted over and over again to see what was needed and finally was able to obtain our inheritance for the four families. I cannot express my thanks enough for her and recommend her for any accounting type issues.


Frank Fyfe
"I want to let you know I got my check in the mail. I want to thank you for the wonderful job you did for me." 


Phyllis Baker
"Tracie has been my CPA for over 5 years now. We have been very pleased with her services. I have not once had a question or concern go unanswered. She's professional as well as knowledgeable. She takes the time to explain and educate you on what you need to know. The quality of her services are top notch. Tracie is on point!." 


Melissa Gainous
I was in a state of an emergency and I called to set up an appointment for a consultation and as I was explaining my issue Mrs. Lowe was taking action. This was totally not what I expected my issue was addressed immediately with no time waisted. The service was beyond my expectations as my issue was immediately address with the IRS . I am so thankful for this kind service I don't think I would not have received this type of service elsewhere. Thank you so very much Mrs. Lowe and I look forward to working with you. Kind regards Melissa
If you received a letter from that includes a Limited Power of Attorney Agreement, it could be funds owed to you, your business, or a relative. 

For the CPA to represent you, the Government Disbursement Department requires you to sign and date our agreement (Limited Power of Attorney) and provide verification of your identity. 

This requires a current Federally issued photo ID. For example, a Driver’s License, Military ID, or Passport. 

You may also have a notary verify your identity and send in the Notarized Statement that was included in our correspondence.
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